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Why is an Exquisite Watch still the BEST MEN'S GIFT in 2019?

Posted on April 21 2019

Let's face it. The world as we know it today is drowning in technology. Cell phones, computers, cars, smartwatches, fitbits and whatever else is in the making are the go-to's for time telling. Time surrounds us. So, why after all this technology, do men still rave over watches?

The answer is simple. It's about emotion, status and individuality. Watches are the man's "diamond" I guess you could say.



Yes, men can express themselves with shoes, suits, ties or maybe even an expensive pair of pants, but the watch is that piece of fashion that makes a powerful statement. It tells a man's story. 

It's not always about cost. It's about history, sentiment and symbolism.  He could have been given the first timepiece in his collection by his father or grandfather for his 16th birthday.  Because it's now engraved in his memory as a part of his journey into manhood, this timepiece will forever be a part of his ongoing collection and every now and then he will put it on and remember that moment.



 As he reaches milestones in his life, his watch collection grows with him. High school graduation, college graduation, a new job, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, and just because he can are just a handful of reasons that his collection expands, and what do they all have in common? They tell his story.



Of course we can't forget about the male ego and status (some won't admit this, lol).  This is where owning a distinct, quality timepiece comes into play. It's a way to brag without actually bragging. Kind of like pulling into work with a nice, new car and not saying a word.  You know they are looking, wondering and chattering among themselves, and eventually the questions and compliments come pouring in.  

This is why when a lot of men are in search of their next watch, they are looking for something that is not only high in quality, but also remarkably unique. He's looking for a watch that's going to immediately catch eyes when he wears it and force that question out of the mouths of others, "Where did you get that watch?" Then, the conversation begins.



What about just for fashion purposes?  Could a watch just merely be another accessory like cufflinks or a bracelet without any meaning? Maybe for a few, but usually those who feel that way tend lean towards smartwatches, the mini replicas of their cellphones. For most, a watch is a timeless gift that can be passed along leaving a great impression of who they were as a person. 

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